Jess Hagan
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Fueled Email Templates

Fueled Collective is a shared co-working space that made it's debut in New York City back in 2012. We're currently
working with Fueled to help franchise their growing business while increasing membership and hospitality sales along the way.

In order to successfully hit these goals, we curated individual drip campaigns, and new
email templates to reach potential members, and those looking to host an event in the space. 

This specific email has one main objective, and that is to drive membership sales. In creating
this template we focused on the amenities that come standard with your membership at Fueled.
What sets them apart from their competitors, and how they cater to your needs is
an essential part of who Fueled Collective is as a brand.

Next up, hospitality. At the forefront of the brand is their ability to go from co-working space
to event space, in the blink of an eye. And we wanted to put an emphasis on that in our email campaigns.

How did we do that? By creating a roster of events for members and non members to experience
and choose from before planning their next big event. We brainstormed some of the most
sought after experiences, and made them happen all within the walls of Fueled.