Jess Hagan
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Landing Pages

As a growing business The LB found it pertinent to stay on top of their local competitors.
For this to work we decided to update the framework of their homepage, and focus on their
core deliverables. What they offer as a business, and how it separated them from the competition. 

Trivantis was looking to showcase their most valuable assets—their customers. With that in mind,
we wanted to create a platform for these customers to share information, network, and develop the brand individually. 

The next step in this process was to bring awareness to the number of offices around the globe. 
Including, but not limited to their regional partners and affiliates. 

Fueled realized their doors would open before having a fully functional website completed.
We prioritized 2-5 pages that needed completion in order for their users to have the best experience.
Of those pages, I worked on the Hospitality and Media Kit pages for the brand.

In order to deliver on user experience, we focused our attention to on-brand content, and accessibility.
As a user, am I getting all of the need-to-know information when I access the pages, or do I have to dig?